yuuvis RAD 10.x

Release Train

Our release train follows the principles of semantic versioning, which means that we do not introduce any braking changes in the same major version of yuuvis® RAD. So, once you go with a major release (e.g., 7.x, 8.x, 9.x) the APIs and features in this release can include new features with minor releases, but the backwards compatibility within the same major version is being kept. Furthermore, even with the major releases we first deprecate a feature and keep it throughout the entire next major cycle, before ultimately removing it with the major release of the following version (e.g., marked as deprecated with 6.0, and removed with 7.0). This gives our customers a full year between two LTS versions to plan and implement the needed changes, if any.

All these changes are of course documented thoroughly and communicated in a timely manner to all our partners and customers. Of course, we always strive to keep the APIs stable over as many versions as possible, to provide maximum backwards compatibility.

Release Plan

These are the most important dates for the upcoming release of yuuvis® RAD 10.x. We reserve the right to not release a certain minor version due to important reasons.

PhaseStartEndPlanned Release
Feature Freeze05 MAR 2024-
Tests and Bugfixing08 MAR 202427 MAR 2024-
Master Artifact28 MAR 202429 MAR 2024-

Major Release yuuvis® RAD 10.0-BETA

not for productive use

28 NOV 2023

01 APR 2024

01 APR 2024
Major Release yuuvis® RAD 10.006 MAR 202416 APR 202430 APR 2024
Minor Release 10.417 APR 202414 MAY 202428 May 2024
Minor Release 10.615 MAY 202411 JUN 202425 JUL 2024
Minor Release 10.812 JUN 202409 JUL 202423 JUL 2024
Minor Release 10.1010 JUL 202406 AUG 202420 AUG 2024
Minor Release 10.1207 AUG 202403 SEP 202417 SEP 2024
Minor Release 10.1404 SEP 202401 OCT 202415 OCT 2024
Minor Release 10.16 LTS02 OCT 202426 NOV 202418 DEC 2024

The version 10.16 (LTS) is a Long Term Support (LTS) version, no further increments will be released in the previous 10.x. versions and the 9.16 LTS.

For more detailed information on the upcoming major and minor releases please also refer to our roadmap page.

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