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Our release train follows the principles of semantic versioning, which means that we do not introduce any braking changes in the same major version of yuuvis® RAD. So, once you go with a major release (e.g., 7.x, 8.x or 9.x) the APIs and features in this release can include new features with minor releases, but the backwards compatibility within the same major version is being kept. Furthermore, even with the major releases we first deprecate a feature and keep it throughout the entire next major cycle, before ultimately removing it with the major release of the following version (e.g., marked as deprecated with 7.0, and removed with 8.0). This gives our customers a full year between two LTS versions to plan and implement the needed changes, if any. When a new LTS version is made available (e.g. 9.16 LTS) , we do not provide any further hotfixes or customisations for the previous minor versions (9.x) and the previous LTS version (8.16 LTS).

All these changes are of course documented thoroughly and communicated in a timely manner to all our partners and customers. Of course, we always strive to keep the APIs stable over as many versions as possible, to provide maximum backwards compatibility.

All the details can be found in our Release Information pages, for instance:

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