Technical Release Notes 9.0

During the development of yuuvis® RAD version 9.0, we focused on updates of relevant 3rd party components. Additionally, some new features and changes were made that are described in this documentation.

yuuvis® RAD Services

  • Wildfly Application Service is updated to version 27. (internal: ERA-9156)
  • The Elasticsearch service is updated to version 7.17.8 (internal: TUK-1974TUK-1505)
  • All services are upgraded to Spring Boot 2.7.9 and JDK17 to make the system future-proof. (internal: TUK-1690)
    • The relevant java.exe is signed so that it will be accepted by virus scanners. (intern: TUK-1747)
  • Users are supported by an increased performance when creating documents. The prepare-service as part of the core-service will no longer move files that should be saved on the same medium. (internal: TUK-1156)
  • A new viewer-servicewill be in charge of viewing document content. (internal:TUK-1427,TUK-1425)
  • The logo shown in notification e-mails can be changed by configuration in yuuvis® RAD management-studio. (internal: TUK-1792)
  • In case of an attack from outside the yuuvis® RAD environment, administrators can see the IP address of the host in the Monitoring view of the REST-WS interface. (internal: TUK-1830)
  • For customers with customized gateway login pages, we have introduced dynamically referenced library components so that administrators will not have to change version numbers after an update of yuuvis® RAD. (internal: TUK-1865). For more information on how to update, refer to the documentation.
  • The security log was extended to also log events such as failed login attempts, the locking of users, and changing the system configuration (schema and roles). (internal: TUK-1867)
    • A new Organization operation in yuuvis® RAD management-studio was introduced to clean up the database. (internal: TUK-1942)
    • A visualization of the security logs as part of the Monitoring view in the REST-WS interfacewas introduced for administrators. (internal: TUK-1948)
  • To complete the logging of all services, metrics are now being logged for the agent-service, gateway, dmsidecar, and renditionsidecar. All logs are saved to the services.log.metrics file so that their REST call can be analyzed by monitoring tools like Kibana. (internal: TUK-1829)
  • Programmers can extend the extraction-service with a custom plug-in so that data of file formats that are currently not supported like CAD, 7z, or XRechnung can be extracted as well. (internal: TUK-1871).
    Documentation on how to develop a plugin including an example plug-in is available here.
  • The extraction-service supports the e-invoice standard ZUGFeRD 2.2. (internal: TUK-1780)
  • Administrators can configure theextraction-service to skip the EXIF analysis in case of performance issues. (internal: TUK-2008)
  • Programmers can configure a custom queue for their custom services so that it can fetch the object IDs of the objects that it is supposed to process. This way, the custom service is independent of the infrastructure queues. (internal: TUK-1780). For more information, refer to Using the Messaging-Service#Service-queDefiningCustomMessagingQueues.

yuuvis® RAD designer

  • The schema supports a new field type: Set. This type replaces the previously used approach, where multi-value fields were modeled as single-column tables. (internal: ERA-7601)
  • Administrators can derive an object type from more than one abstract object type, providing more flexibility when modeling complex schemata. (internal: ERA-9192, TUK-1849)

yuuvis® RAD client

Please refer to the user documentation for a more detailed description of all new features: (German)
The English version will follow soon.

  • The preview of document files of type PDF, audio, and video uses ranging. Large PDF, video, or audio files can thus be opened much faster as the viewer can render the first page/sequence with a reduced amount of data. (internal: TUK-105)
  • When opening the quicksearch dialog for a reference field, a '*' search is initiated automatically so that a list of available references is shown immediately. (internal: TUK-1661)
  • After executing a saved search, its name is displayed in the result view for users to know the search context when coming back from a short interruption. (internal: TUK-1652)
  • The object types that were selected for a search request are displayed in the result view. (internal: TUK-1770)
  • Users can edit their profile images in the settings. (internal: TUK-865)
  • The alignment of values in table columns in metadata forms is offered as configured by an administrator in yuuvis® RAD designer. (internal: TUK-1406ERA-9012)
  • Users can configure the alignment of result list columns. (internal: TUK-1925)
  • Users can export result lists as CSV files with resolved reference IDs. User IDs are configured by an administrator. (internal: TUK-1633)
  • Full-text search terms are now highlighted and focused in the PDF viewer. (internal: TUK-1862)
  • In the inbox, a list of the five most recently used text filters is displayed. (internal: TUK-1797)
  • The MIME type of a document file is displayed in the Summary object aspect. (internal: TUK-1869)
  • The accessibility of the profile menu and settings view were improved. (internal: TUK-2078)
  • Shared objects are marked by an icon in the header of the object details. (internal: TUK-2197)
  • The favicon of yuuvis® RAD client can be changed by configuration in the main.json or extend.json by an administrator. (internal: TUK-1756)
  • The logo on the login page can be changed by configuration. (internal: TUK-1641), see this documentation in German (English will be available soon).

yuuvis® RAD management-studio

  • Administrators can return the tasks a user has accepted (e.g., in case the user is absent). Thus, other users with the corresponding role can accept the task instead. This feature is offered to users as a new task in the Organization view of yuuvis® RAD management-studio: Remove accepted tasks(internal: TUK-1357)
  • In the Processes view of yuuvis® RAD management-studio,
    • a meaningful notification is displayed for administrators if more than the listed processes are found. (internal: TUK-1217)
    • when requesting processes for an inbox, only the running processes are displayed. (internal: TUK-1882)

Next generation yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10:

  • During the lifecycle of version 9, This application will become the successor of the current yuuvis® RAD management-studio. The next generation is based on the Angular 15 framework, while the current one is based on AngularJS which has been out of maintenance for a long time. During 2023, the feature set of the current yuuvis® RAD management-studio will be migrated step by step.
    The first features of yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 will include
    • support of OEM
    • option for partners and customers to add custom languages
    • workspaces that can be configured with widgets showing system monitoring data as given in the monitoring view of the REST-WS interface.
    • the look and feel will be as close as possible to the current application, so that users do not have to learn that much when switching to the new application. However, optimizations will be offered where helpful.
    • The languages delivered by default are English and German. yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 does however support additional languages. They are the same as in yuuvis® RAD client. The language selection in yuuvis® RAD management-studio 10 will be identical to the language selection in yuuvis® RAD client.
    • Some elements can be changed by configuration such as the application name in the About page, the title of the browser tab, the logo in the appbar, the background image of the dashboard, the image in the sidebar, and the URL to the documentation.
    • Administrators can edit their profile images in the settings. (internal: TUK-1571)