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About this Documentation

The yuuvis® Momentum documentation has a functional structure based on the division into the core system and additional services as you can see in the navigation. If you are already familiar with the product, you can use the page tree to easily navigate directly to your topic. 

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Main Topics

An introduction into the system. Learn about the basic concepts of yuuvis® Momentum.

Schema - Defining Object Types

Detailing the available schema, object type definitions as well as property definitions.

Search Query Language

How to query in an SQL-like manner.

Access Authorization and Permissions

A yuuvis® Momentum user has to be authorized to the functionality of the system by assigning roles. For the individual roles, permissions can be set to allow actions on objects restricted by defined conditions where appropriate and the usage of specific endpoints can be controlled.

Basic Use Case Flows

Graphical overviews describing the interaction of the yuuvis® Momentum core services in exemplary basic use case flows. 

yuuvis® client as reference implementation

yuuvis® client is a reference implementation, browser-based working environment for the daily work with the yuuvis® Momentum system. The client enables the work with documents and metadata (Document Management System) and provides a basis for further modeled business applications.

About yuuvis® Momentum

Think of yuuvis® Momentum as a tool for accelerated development of tailored content and information management solutions.


An overview of all our public interfaces is provided.




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Additional Services

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Find here a list of all yuuvis® Momentum services including core and periphery.

Overview of all yuuvis® Momentum Services


The requirement of high and thus horizontal scalability as well as high availability is currently best combatted by architectures comprising of distributable small services which can be run in more than one instance. Such architectures offer redundance and pinpoint scalabilityleading, among other advantages, to the wild success of this architectural pattern. This article describes the services yuuvis® Momentum is made of.

Core Services

The services yuuvis® Momentum Core is made of.

yuuvis® Momentum fields a core consisting of a small zoo of cloud-native microservices, which allows for high availability and scalability. The entirety of the core's functions is made available through the API-gateway as core API. Two servicesthree if counting in the API-gateway serve the microservice architecture itself: ADMIN allowing service administration like restarting a service or changing its intended amount of instances, and CONFIG, reading, caching and delivering configuration information to the other services.

NameFunctionConfiguration profilesCertificatesStandard portsScalable
APIAPI-gatewayprod, redis, docker, kubernetes, metricsno7450-7459yes
Basic Core Services
AUTHENTICATIONuser authentication, session managementprod, oauth2, docker, kubernetes, metricsyes80no
ORGANIZATIONmapping users to roles (the latter carrying the permissions)prod, oauth2, keycloak, docker, kubernetes, metricsyes7440-7449yes
SYSTEMschema managementprod, docker, redis, kubernetes, metricsyes7400yes
REPOSITORYmanagement of the binary storageprod, storage, docker, kubernetes, redis, metricsno7500-7509yes
REGISTRYmanagement of object metadata in the relational databaseprod, docker, jpapostgres, dbs, redis, kubernetes, metricsno7510-7519yes
INDEXindexing in Elasticsearchprod, es, docker, kubernetes, redis, metricsno7291-7300yes
SEARCHprocessing of queriesprod, es, docker, kubernetes, metricsno7221-7230yes
AUDITobject history, audit trail managementprod, jpapostgres, dbs, docker, kubernetes, metricsno7251yes
CONTENTANALYZERsynchronous full-text extraction and determination of the MIME typeprod, docker, kubernetes, metricsno7430-7439yes
Archive Services
ARCHIVEconnector for storage solutionsprod, docker, storageno7530-7539yes
Rendition Services
CONTROLLERjob messaging using third party RabbitMQ and more, used for asynchronous operationsprod, docker, es, oauth2, lc, mq, kubernetesyes7332-7335yes
TEXTEXTRACTORasynchronous full-text extractionprod, docker, es, lc, mq, kubernetesno7400-7429yes
RENDITIONgeneration of renditions of submitted documents

Structural Services

ADMIN* **administration, monitoring, configurationprod, docker, kubernetesno7273yes
CONFIGSERVICEconfiguration serverprod, docker, nativeno7281

yes (with limitations)

DISCOVERY**service registrationprod, dockerno7261no
Rollback Administration
COMMANDER*command tool for rollbacksprod, dbs, esno7412


* service of special interest for DevOps | ** obsolete when using Kubernetes

Additional Services

Services for functional extension as upper layers on top of the yuuvis® Momentum core system.

The client services offer, in accordance with the layered onion approach, both additional functionality as well as higher-level API functions valuable to client applications. Next to the user and the viewer services, the web-api gateway service is the main service for the client development.
>> Client Development

NameFunctionConfiguration profilesCertificatesStandard portsScalable
Client Services
API-WEBweb-api gateway, bundling of higher-level functions in one client API, adds more features like custom forms, localization, and object type icons to the system.prodno7550yes
CLIENTreference client based on core and framework libraries that can be used for custom client developmentprodno80yes
ARCHITECT (as of 2020 Winter)supports custom form modeling including form scripts, localization of technical names, and user management (will be moved to another application later this year).prodno80yes
VIEWERoffers client-side viewing capability for certain file typesprodno80yes
USERSERVICEstores user settings and caches user information-no8080yes
SOTHOOKfills the property appClientsystem:leadingTypeIdprodno
Tenant Management 
TENANT-MANAGEMENTtenant management API with endpoints for maintaining tenants and their usersprod, oauth2no8080yes
MANAGEMENT-CONSOLEmanagement console API as backend service for maintaining organizations that maintain tenants.-no7560yes
MANAGEMENT-CONSOLE-CLIENTWeb-client with a graphical user interface for the management console API. -no80yes
METRICSprovides tenant specific metrics.
The tenant management API offers exposed endpoints of this service.
Business Process Management (BPM)
BPM-ENGINEFlowable-based BPM engine-no8080yes
BPM-ADMIN-UIadmin user interface for the BPM engine-no8080no
Auto ML Platform (beta version - not yet included in installations)
Kairos CLI App

ML Training Pipeline


As of version 2021 Autumn, the status of each individual service can be checked by calling the health check endpoint https://<host>/<service>/manage/health as described for the core services.
>> Health Check for Services

Specific Terms

Learn about the terminology used to describe the features of yuuvis® Momentum.


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Current Development

Find here the most recent information on our current development.