Release Information

Looking for new features? Here, you will find what's new in a fresh yuuvis® version, as well as the rare cases - Breaking Changes - that might require your action when updating.

yuuvis® Momentum Maintenance

yuuvis® Momentum is released in a release train strategy, with one release per quarter. The releases are labelled with a year and season, e.g., 2021 Summer, 2021 Autumn, 2021 Winter etc. In the regular maintenance package, a one-year long-term support (LTS) release is included. In the extended maintenance package, a three-year long-term support (LTS) release is included.

Regular Maintenance

Every Winter release will always be treated as a regular LTS release and will be maintained for the duration of one year and one quarter, until the next Winter release is available, which then supersedes the previous LTS release. There are no further features added in an LTS version during the maintenance period. For example, 2021 Winter will be the regular LTS version, and will be supported for an additional quarter after 2022 Winter is released, which is until 2023 Spring. During this time, new features will be made available in releases 2022 Spring, 2022 Summer, 2022 Autumn and ultimately 2022 Winter which will then become the new regular LTS release. 

All releases between two Winter releases (spring, summer and autumn) will supersede each other sequentially in the order of their release. For example, release 2022 Spring will be maintained until release 2022 Summer (three months). After 2022 Summer is released, 2022 Summer will not be maintained anymore, and all fixes will be available in the 2022 Summer version only.

Extended Maintenance

The customer has an option to purchase extended maintenance and obtain three-year long-support for the extended LTS release. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS will maintain every third regular LTS as an extended LTS for 3,5 years. For example, 2020 Winter is extended LTS. It will remain in the extended maintenance until 2023 Winter supersedes it as extended LTS, plus additional six months. 2023 Winter will then remain in the extended maintenance until 2026 Winter release. The extended maintenance is only available for the yuuvis® Momentum core services.

Updates and Compatibility

Update is possible and guaranteed:

  • Between two successive regular LTS releases, for example 2020 Winter to 2021 Winter. We furthermore require that all hotfixes are applied to the previous regular LTS before the update.
  • Between all releases from the release train of the same year, for example 2021 Spring to 2022 Summer or 2022 Autumn. 
  • Between two subsequent extended LTS, however this may require an update project and we reserve the right to require data to be migrated. We furthermore require that all hotfixes are applied to the previous extended LTS before the update.
  • We cannot guarantee updates between non-subsequent extended LTS releases. 

We make no further statements about version compatibility of different releases. We expect furthermore that releases are installed completely and do not allow mixing of components from different releases. The individual components within a release will respect and follow the semantic versioning, where major component version denotes API breaking changes.