Structure Service Testing Tool

This article documents how to use the structure service testing tool to validate the structure configuration in an active system.

This tool is available with product version 4.3 and has Beta status.


Administrators can use the testing tool during design time to validate configuration changes in a live system. The tool displays the structure and its corresponding list of objects. You can test the syntax of a condition while the tool displays the condition grammar in an adjacent window. When the design is finished, you can copy the structure configuration into the designer. After deploying the schema, the new configuration is active in the system.


The testing tool is part of the Structure Service installation and can be called using http://<gateway-service-ip>:<gateway-service-port>/structure/index.html.

The Testing Tool

The testing tool has a page for validating configuration syntax, and a help page with some instructions.

You log in to the tool the same way you log in to the client. Access rights for both are evaluated the same way, so the data displayed in the testing tool is the same as in the client.

Live test pages

There are two live test pages supporting the definition of the structure tree sections.

On the 'Context view live' page, you can validate your structure configuration for all children of the current folder. You immediately get the results from the live system, the way they would be presented in the object view of the client for the logged-in user.

On the 'Reference view live' page, you can validate your structure configuration for all objects referencing the current folder.


In the 'Filter' area, you can specify search parameters. The resulting list of objects is shown in the lower half of the page.

Result properties

In the 'Result properties' window, you can use 'Size' to set the number of results shown when you select an object type (default is 10). Use 'From' to set the number of the first result you want to display, for example, '40' (default is 1). Finally, by enabling debug output, you can display additional details in the result values below.

Active Dynamic Filter

To set the active dynamic filter, select an object category from the object results list. Then click the red button above the object details on the right-hand side. You can now select an additional (sub)filter from the object list to narrow your results.

Structure Tree Definition

In the 'Structure tree definition' area, you can configure the structure with its elements as saved in the designer at the end.

The object list shows the structure results on the left-hand side. When you click a structure element, the list of relevant objects is shown on the right-hand side.

The default structure lists all objects. To test a custom definition, enter your structure in the text field and select the 'Use custom definition' check box.

Tool Tips

You can find more information in the tool tips on the page.


The Help page gives some more information about the structure service environment, the grammar of the conditions and the recent changes.